• General Information

 Company Name 


 Creation Date

 06 October 2013

 Legal Form 

 Limited liability company under sole ownership (EURL)

 Head Office 

 17 chemin Chekiken, Val d’ Hydra, Alger


 700 000 000 DZD


  • Capital  

The share capital is wholly owned by The Algerian Saudi Investment Company (ASICOM).



  • Project Summary

The Hotel project located in Bejaia was the initiative of the Eastern Tourism Management Company (EGT-East).

The structure realization (Civil engineering) works started at the end of the 80s and stopped altogether in 1993.

In 2002, the project was ceded to Khalifa Bank Group and in 2003 it was dissolved.

Finally, in case of the Khelifa Group assets sale the liquidator permeted to ASICOM to acquire the project in 2014.

ASICOM relaunched the project work which required a lot of prior actions including:

  • Solving the access problem to the project (obtaining a parcel at the project site entrance);
  • The technical documents reconstruction concerning the initial project;
  • The realization of several technical expertise to treat anomalies, segregations and other aspects concerning the structures quality (work abandoned more than 20 years).

In 2015, SHIFABE company launched a national architectural competition for the Hotel works completion including two extensions construction (multipurpose and sport rooms). The retained project was the one of A3 (Azeddine AIT ALI YAHIA).


  • Project Content 

The project consists of:

  • A Hotel of 118 rooms
  • A Multipurpose Room with a capacity of 500 guests
  • Sport Rooms of 400 m²
  • An Underground Car Park for 100 places

 After obtaining the required authorizations and administrative documents, the works started at the end of 2015 including the technical upgrade of the structure (consolidating operations and repairing structures).

The other phases related to the completion of the Hotel and both extensions started at the end of 2016.

The works completion is scheduled for summer 2019.